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Ta Van Village:

With its wonderful landscapes, the village of Ta Van is one of the most preferred destinations of tourists. Situated in the valley of Muong Hoa, 8 km south from Sapa, you will be able to meet some ethnic groups like the H’mong, the Dzay and the Dzao.
Even though Ta Van is not far from the Sapa, the atmosphere is quite different. Indeed, the village is not very active: no luxury hotels, no restaurants and no big buildings. But, it’s the perfect spot to take a rest and flee the agitated life of the city. Here, you will have the chance to admire the beautiful scenery but you will also be able to discover the everyday life of the locals in spending the night at their house, an opportunity for you to appreciate the hospitality, the warm greeting and full of sincerity of the Ta Van’s villagers.

Ban Pho Village:

In Ban Pho, you will enjoy an amazing view on its wonderful mountainous region. Tourists are attracted by different ethnics specialities like the corn wine for example. Indeed, the minorities are very proud of their corn wine.
Here, you will discover an authentic and traditional life, where people live simply. H’mong people will certainly be the kindest people you will meet in Vietnam. Indeed, if you decided to walk around the village, there will be a chance that some locals invite you for lunch.
Ban Ho Village:

Situated at 26 km from Sapa, the village of Ban Ho is populated by the Tay minority. Even if, Ban Ho is not very far from Sapa, not many tourists come because of the road that is still in construction. But you will be able to come here in passing by the village of Su Pan, which is located at 10 km from Ban Ho.
Despite the difficulties to arrive in this village the travellers will enjoy this picturesque place and will have the opportunity to experience the everyday life of Tay people.
The paths and the roads of Ban Ho can also lead you to the village of Nam Toong, principally populated by the Red Dao minority. There you will enjoy magnificent valleys and stunning mountains.
Cat Cat Village:

This village takes its name from the French word “Cascade”, which has been used by French people to designate it. With time, and mainly with the Vietnamese pronunciation, Cascade village became Cat Cat village.
Situated only at 2 km from Sapa, it will be easy for you to get there by walk. With the old hydroelectric station, built during the colonial period, you will discover wonderful landscapes but also the fascinating culture of Black H’mong people, especially their special technique to make brocades.

Ta Phin Village:

Situated at 15 km north from Sapa, Ta Phin kept the customs and the way of life of its ethnic minorities. You will the Kinh people, the Red Dao people and the Black H’mong people.
Do not hesitate to hike to reach the village of Ta Phin because that will give you the opportunity to meet the locals working in the terraced paddy field or going to the market.

Lao Chai Village:

Lao Chai is a Black H’mong village, which is located at 7 km from Sapa between mountains and hills. There you will find houses in mushroom form. All of these houses are built the same way and follow the “Tinh Tuong” model.
You will be surprised by the hospitality of the locals. Accepting to enter to their house, you will be able to share and discover their culture and their customs. In strolling in the village, may be you will hear traditional music resound.

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